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Gothenburg | Botanical Garden

I have never been to the Botanical Garden so we decided to pay it a visit. It was cherry blossoms season and I saw a lot of posts in instagram taken from the garden so I found another good reason to go.

Pay the entrance

There is nobody by the gate to collect the entrance fee so one can easily ignore it and get in for free, but how selfish is it to only enjoy the place and not help in maintaining it. Drop the money or swish it away!


Appreciate the flowers

Twenty kronor entrance fee and we got so much more than what we paid for and expected. The garden was blooming! We were greeted by flowers in the entrance and everywhere else and it was fascinating to see tulips from the ground and not wrapped in a paper or in a bouquet like how I normally saw them in the flower shops back home.

Never miss the viewpoint

There are signs inside the garden including directions going to the viewpoint. It is not too high but you will walk on rocks to reach the top. It could get slippery when wet so watch out. From the viewpoint you could see the city including the fountain from Slottskogen if it is on. The view from here is spectacular because you will see that a huge part of the city is still green. This is one of the many reasons why I love Gothenburg.

Walk around

Walk and take pictures, the garden is beautiful and clean.

Rest, nap or play

A normal view in Gothenburg on a sunny, warm day is people in the parks or gardens having picnics or just hanging around enjoying the sun. The Botanical Garden is not an exemption, a lot of people go here just to relax under a tree or have a picnic while the warmth lasts.

Har du besökt botaniska trädgården? Vad tycker du? (Have you visited the botanical garden? What do you think?)

Gothenburg | A bit of Hisingen

Hisingen is one of Sweden’s biggest islands and it is connected to Gothenburg centrum by a bridge. The closest I have ever been to the island was when I went to Backaplan, an area with quite a lot of shops and I was there to shop of course. I have never explored it that much for it has always been out of way for me when going home, so one sunny yet windy Saturday I dragged my husband to get to see a bit of Hisingen.

Take the boat!

Instead of taking the tram or bus we decided to take the boat that stops at Lilla Bommen. The boat ticket is the same cost as the tram and it is like a DIY hop on hop off only that we only hopped off twice. The good thing about being in the boat is you get to see the side of Gothenburg city from the ocean, a different yet beautiful perspective. I suggest going to the boat’s open area normally on top so you get a good view and take better pictures. You can also take your bike to the island if you want, the boats have a place for them.

Walk around!

Since it is an island, there are pedestrian lanes by the ocean and there is nothing better than exploring the area by foot. You feel the wind and smell the ocean while walking around and you can stop anytime and maybe sit down and worship the sun or just relax.

If you have not been in this part, it will be a good idea to do so. Something to explore on a free day.

Jag kommer tillbaka här snart! (I will come back here soon!)

The Frozen Lake

How does it feel to stand on a frozen lake? If you are wearing the wrong kind of shoes and if you are not certain that the lake is hard enough to carry your weight, it can be quite scary but the feeling of seeing an entire body of water in ice and actually stepping on it is just awesome! I couldn’t find the exact words to use to describe the experience exactly, all I know is it’s a bucket list worthy entry.

A frozen lake, a clear sky and a beautiful sunset. Just the right kind of ingredients for a good photo shoot day.

The lake is called Östra Nedsjön located in the westen part of Bollebygds municipality in Västra Götaland.

Sweden | The Vasa Museum

Happy Birthday day Self!  Instead of swimming for 2 hours like I did last year, 2017 will be a little historic celebration for we will meet the world’s only preserved 17th century ship, the Vasa.

Sank on its maiden voyage, the Vasa was lying on the sea bed 32 meters below  on 10 August 1628. The blame was placed on the ships designer Henrik Hybertsson, dead more than a year, for the poor proportions. He got sick when the construction started and eventually died barely a year later. In 1920, Oskarshamn, Simon and Leonard Olschanski brothers wanted blow up the wrecks to get black oak and waterlogged wood, for Art Deco furniture. If the authorities would have agreed, there would be no Vasa Museum today. Three hundred thirty three (333) years after, the Vasa Museum left the sea bed and resurfaced making it as a headline for newspapers around the world.

The Vasa in the museum now is 98% original. There are rooms inside that are a replica of what is inside the ship. They have also saved a few original canons installed in the Vasa and are now displayed in the museum as well including the things the people in the ship have used in the 17th century.

This was a great experience, I am not a big fan of museums but this one made itself an exception. The Vasa is a place not to miss when in Stockholm.

Almost complete capture of the entire ship
The bottom


The original canons
What is believed to be how the Vasa looked.

The 2016 that was!

The monthly highlights that completed my 2016. I am excited 2017!


Welcomed the new year with the L clan back in Tuburan. Gained a few pounds.

I turned 30! Celebrated my birthday with a 2-hour swimming date with myself and then coffee.

I learned to swim! I live in a country made up of islands, I love the beach but I never had the courage to learn to swim until this year.


Residence visa application was approved by the Migration office after almost a year of waiting.


I had a beach trip to Bohol with my friend Jacq.

Visited Kalanggaman Island for the first time with office friends.


My husband arrived for another 3-week stay.


Traveled to Legaspi City to see the Mayon volcano with my husband.

Mayon Volcano

Received an early ‘welcome to Sweden’ gift from my husband.

Traveled to Siquijor Island and fell in love with it.

Coco Grove Resort, Siquijor

Food trip at Dumaguete City.

Traveled to Bangkok, experienced Songkran festival, explored the city and it’s temples, ate a lot of street food.

The reclining buddha


Traveled alone to Bangkok to leave my bio metrics at the Embassy of Sweden. Ate a lot more Thai food this time around. Got lost in the city but had a great time.

Lumpini Park, Bangkok

Traveled to Isla de Gigantes with my sister and her office friends. Enjoyed 3 nights and 2 days in the island with a lot of seafood! Proved to myself that I can really swim!

Cabugao Gamay Island

June –

Traveled to Dumaguete city this time with office friends, walked around the Siliman University, had a taste of the famous tempura ni bossing and had my ‘balut’ experience.

Swam with the turtles in Apo Island. The water was deep, the turtles were huge and I did not have a life jacket on! I had a kick board in case i get too tired of swimming though, safety precaution for a newbie swimmer.

Finding turtles at Apo Island

Enjoyed time away from the city with the L clan in Tuburan. Celebrated the town fiesta with delicious home cooked meal from mom.


Traveled to Bacolod with the family. Visited the ruins in Talisay City and Campuestohan highland resort. Had our coffee and cakes at Calea.

The ruins


Resigned from my work and officially jobless after 9 years.

Second wedding anniversary.

Traveled to Boracay island again with my sisters. It was windy and raining but we had an amazing time.

Station 1, Boracay

Had fun under the sun at Costabella Resort in Mactan with office friends.

Farewell lunches, parties, snacks with friends and family.

Panic shopping and packing before the flight.


Moved to the cold yet beautiful country of Sweden! Played tourist in Gothenburg.


Traveled alone to Kungshamn and Smögen on a hot Autumn day.


Started Swedish language class.

Started bisayainsweden blog!

Celebrated husbands birthday in a fine dining dinner with in-laws.


First snow ever!


Experienced live concert with electronic music by VNV nation.

First black friday.


First Christmas in Sweden with generous gifts from the in-laws and husband.

Developed my photography skills.

Santa Lucia Day

Santa Lucia Day is big in Sweden. The country celebrates this every year on the 13th of December as it is the longest night of the year or the shortest day depending on how you look at it, at least this was how it used to be. The celebration usually happens in churches and schools. I was happy to have witnessed it on my first year in Sweden, at Hermods. The staff came in singing, walking with lit candles and the school prepared pepparkakor (ginger bread cookies) and julmust (popular Swedish drink during Christmas and Easter).

At Hermods

Lucia is an Italian saint whose name came from the latin word Lux, meaning light. She gave food and drinks to the poor in Syracusa and always carried a candle with her. Thus, the person playing Lucia every year wears a crown of candle and is dressed in white gown. Lucia is accompanied with her handmaids all in white gowns as well carrying candles, the star boys with stars on sticks and have tall paper cones on their heads and santa claus dressed all in red.

It reminded me of the Santa Lucia feast in the Philippines which is celebrated on the same day only that there are only food and drinks, no singing Lucia.

The Fika

Sweden is a coffee drinking country. People love their coffee in the morning, in the afternoon and in between or beyond that. Fika, a verb also a noun, is a very common word in Sweden. While it can be associated to a coffee break as it almost always involve coffee, there is more to it than just the caffeine. Fika can be with a cup of tea, juice or soda and will be incomplete without the sweet treat like a cinnamon bun, a muffin, a cookie or a slice of cake. Fika happens anytime and anywhere. It can be in a cafe, at home in school or at work. It is a social phenomenon not just a coffee break.


Fika at espresso house, one of Sweden’s famous coffee chains.