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Gothenburg Resto | Sjöbaren

What excites me most when someone in the family here has a birthday is the dinner at a restaurant where I get to try really good food. May is my mother-in-law’s birth month and since she loves fish, we ate at a fish restaurant called Sjöbaren, in English it means the sea bar.

Location: Located in Haga, one can get off Järntorget or Hagakyrka tram stops and walk towards the restaurant. It is accessible.

Place: Sjöbaren has 2 floors so it can seat a few more compared to Goda Grannar. We were seated in a table that can accommodate 4 people and I think the table is too small. Me and my husband’s elbows were too clingy, they keep touching each other.

Food: Excellent, I had an amazing starter and main dish. The shellfish and fish were fresh and were cooked prefect.

Service: Not good. We waited for maybe 45 minutes after we finished the starters before the main dish was served and that is bad. We were all wondering what happened to the orders but we stayed patient. When we wanted to pay we asked the waiter for the bill and she acknowledged but kept doing other things, we waited for maybe 20 minutes and I asked the other waiter for the bill and in an instant we had it. So I guess the delays were caused by one of the waiters for she also took our orders at the start. Oh well, we were happy with the food, just not the waiting times.

Price: It is fine dining and the food was amazing so I say you get what you paid for and the price is acceptable.



Gothenburg Resto | Tara’s Turkiskt Kök & Bar

Too many restaurant reviews backlog and I blame it to the good weather, it has been harder to stay home and work on my posts because the sun is calling and I need some vitamin Ds and heat. So, here goes another cuisine I tried a month back using our Enjoy food coupon, Turkish food from Tara’s.

Location: Perfectly situated. Located in Södravägen, the closest bus/tram stop is Berziligatan or Körsvagen.

Place: Since the weather was starting to be better when we ate, they already had tables and chairs outside and it was where we had our food. I love how they have trees, it gives a refreshing, close to nature feeling. I never went inside but I would say they have a quite big area including outside seats.

Food: I ordered the grilled dish with chicken, lamb and beef because I wanted to try a little of everything. I like how the beef was done, not well done, not rare. The chicken and the lamb were pretty dry for me. One thing that I loved here though is the rice. I don’t know what they mix with it but it was heavenly, I would go back here for the rice and grilled beef.

Service: Average, they were packed when we were there so the waiters were running back and forth.

Price: Cheap with the discount card for one dish was free but also for the food you get even without the card, it is still affordable.

Bread and olives, complimentary
Main dish
Heavenly rice

Gothenburg Resto | Krakow

When in Krakow, skip the appetizers and proceed to main course right away. Why? They have huge serving and I mean huge. My order, pork cordon blue was like a 300 gram of meat with potato and salad on the side. It was impossible for me to devour everything in one seating.

Krakow is a Polish restaurant in Gothenburg and is one of the oldest taverns in the city. Below is my personal review of it.

Location: Located at Karl Gustavsgatan, less than 10 minutes walk from Vasa Viktoriagatan tram stop.

Place: Average size for a restaurant. I cannot say it is cozy though, the place was okay.

Food: The food is average in taste at least for my cordon bleu. What stood out a lot is the size of the serving that can perhaps serve 2 Asians.

Service: Average service.

Price: Average price for the taste, cheap for the portion size.

Panerad ost med skinka – Breaded cheese with ham
Schnitzel Royal – Pork Cordon blue


Gothenburg Resto | Goda Grannar

My father in law recently celebrated his 70 something birthday and it has been a tradition to dine out in a higher end restaurant to enjoy a good meal with a matching wine. This time, we booked a table at Goda Grannar, a seafood restaurant.

Here’s my personal review about the restaurant.

Location: Easy to find, we walked by Linnegatan, took a left turn to Majorgatan and another left turn to Sveagatan and there it is. Prinsgatan is the closest tram stop.

Place: Small and cozy. The restaurant can probably seat 30 people or less at a given time. Too bad my mom in law did not notice the step going to the toilet so she tripped and fell to the floor.

Food: Pleasing to the eye especially to the mouth. From starter all the way to dessert my taste buds were constantly happy. The food is excellent!

Service: The waiter was really friendly and accommodating. He speaks English when he explains about what I just ordered and that is good. He thought I have an Australian accent too!

Price: For the quality of food and service, the price is just right.

Starter: Hummerskagen – Lobster and shrimp mixture with bleak roe served on a crispy potato flavoured with anchovys.


Main Menu: Fisk- & skaldjursgryta – Spicy fish and shellfish stew with tomatoes, saffron and pastis comes with crutons, parmesan, aioli.

Fisk- & skaldjursgryta

Dessert: Mjölkchokladmousse – Milk chocolate mousse flavored with ginger and lemon togeter with Cognac cream, popped walnuts and apple jam.

White whine