Gothenburg Resto | Koka

I wanted to give RG a simple birthday celebration and since travelling requires time in which we both do not have so much because of work I chose a 5-course meal in a fine dining restaurant called Koka. He was there years ago and had a great experience so I thought it would be the perfect place for his birthday. The restaurant has a Michelin star and it gets full fast so I made my reservations weeks before the date.

Location: Located in Viktoriagatan, one can get off Vasaplatsen or Viktoriagatan tram stops and walk towards the restaurant. It is accessible.

Place: One floor, not too many tables and we got the corner one which was what I requested, we were happy with it.

Food: 1st, 2nd, 3rd starters were good, most especially the 2nd one. The main dish was a disappointed. We both chose cod and it came with kale that completely destroyed the fish. When we ate kale and fish together, in which I think should be how it is, we barely get a taste of the fish because of kale’s strong flavor. In addition, the fish pieces were small that after the main dish we were still hungry. We were both unhappy and it is sad because this is a restaurant with Michelin star, it is supposed to give us a great experience.

Service: The service is fine although I like Goda Grannar and Somm better when comes to the waiters. They also made little mistakes like when they served the main dish they got one plate wrong, when they gave us the bill, my non-alcoholic drink package was more expensive than the wine and when we complained about it, they realized they got it wrong.

Price: Expensive especially that we were still hungry after the meal.

Unfortunately, this restaurant is not one of those that I will want to dine in again.


The main dish that dragged the overall experience down..

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