Spain | 6 Hours in Barcelona

Barcelona! Las Ramblas, I’ll meet you, we’ll dance around La Sagrada…

I just have been listening to this song from Ed Sheeran a few months back and I actually got to visit this city for 6 hours during the company summit in Spain. It was rather short but it was enough to decide that I should be back with RG.

Walkathon to the train station

The resort we were staying, Le Meridien, was about an hour away from Barcelona via train. I and 4 other guys, one of which is from Spain, all decided that we visit the city while in the country. The train station from the resort was a bit far as opposed to what the front desk personnel told us. On a normal pace it probably takes me 30 minutes or more to walk but we were in a walkathon to catch  the 1PM train so it took us less than 20 min. We finally made it to the station 5 minutes before the train comes and we had a bit of a problem. The ticket machine did not accept any of our cards, good thing one of the guys had euros with him so he paid for us. We ran on the other side after claiming the tickets and a minute after, the train arrived. We made it, barely.

Barcelona, first look

We got off the train and went into the light (out of the subway) and what a beautiful view it was!

La Sagrada!

An hour after, we arrived in Barcelona and our first stop was La Sagrada Familia. There is a subway that stops at the church so it is hard to get lost. I noticed that in blogs that I read, almost all pictures show that the chruch is under construction and so I asked the spanish guy why. His answer was:

The money they use to build the church comes from donations and often it runs out so the church always has the crane because construction resumes as soon as they have enough donations again.

It was an interesting fact and just like in the Philippines, churches rely on donations for construction. Nonetheless, the church is uniquely beautful!

Old town, new tourists

After seeing the famous La Sagrada Familia, we took the subway going to the old town. Here, we met with our Spanish friend’s friend who is part historian and he showed us around. We had our own tour guide who shares a lot more interesting story for it includes the finite details that a typical tour does not. The architecture, roads, walls, everything old is so lovely to look at. There is also a street in the old town that is called the graffiti street and our tour guide knew who painted what and why. It was so impressive.

Six hours well spent in the city of Barcelona! 


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