Philippines | Coron, Palawan

A trip to the Philippines for us is never complete without a beach escapade because the country is blessed with beautiful islands that attracts tourists from all over the world. We have been to quite a lot of islands when Rudolf was still going back and forth to visit me but not in Coron so, we had our destination. I never planned for anything until we reached the Philippines because it was during this time that terrorists are all over the news. I was scared mainly for Rudolf because he is white but he was not scared for himself so we pushed through with it. My younger sister tagged along and we spent 3 nights in the lovely island of Coron.

What we did:

When we arrived in Busuanga airport, we picked up flyers with different tours from different agencies and started planning while in the van. The trip from the airport to the town took about an hour and it was arranged by Macky’s Hidden Inn, our home for a couple of days.

All of our activities were booked through Ocean Pearl Travel and Tours because we found it to be the most affordable, their tour included towels and snorkeling masks which means we do not have to pay 150 each for the mask.

  1. Climbed the 700+ steps of Mt Tapyas – Bring a bottle of water going up, you need the water. I made several stops in between because I need to catch my breath but the view was amazing. I bet sunrise and sunset looks stunning from here.
  2. Relaxed our tired legs in the hot waters of Maquinit hot spring – It is 30 minutes trike ride away from Coron town proper. The entrance is 200 pesos per adult and I recommend going there after sunset because the water is hot! They say the water is around 40 degrees Celsius so imagine soaking in hot water with the glaring heat from the sun.
  3. Explored a bit of the town-
  4. Joined the Coron Island Ultimate TourWell it says ultimate so we took it as our first island hopping activity and we had a great time snorkeling! I say if it is your first time in Coron, try this tour.
  5. Joined the Escapade tour – After an entire day of snorkeling we decided to do beach hopping and went to 3 beautiful islands. Bulog Dos was the best beach for us in this tour. This is also where the famous Two Seasons resort is located.

Where we stayed:

We stayed at Macky’s Hidden Inn because of these reasons:

  1. They had a rainy day promo which was 1000 pesos per room.
  2. They have few but good reviews in their page. When I was reading up reviews of different places to stay in Coron I got tired of the famous ones because half of the write ups are so bad so I settled for something that only had a few.
  3. Responsive staff.

Review: It is a bit hidden, less than a minute walk from the road, which makes it quite as well during the night. The room where we stayed, 1C had a noisy air conditioning unit but since we were so exhausted after an entire day of island hopping we survived the sound. The staff are friendly, they respond to our questions and requests nicely. They do not overcharge for breakfast, 100 per person for a normal Filipino breakfast was good enough. They had free water and we could buy food from outside and eat in their dining area.

Where we ate:

The first meal was in Island boy and we were just not happy with the food. It was overpriced and did not even taste good. The next time we bought barbeque outside and ate in the inn and we enjoyed it compared to Island boy. Jelly’s grill was probably the best restaurant we have eaten in Coron, their food was delicious and reasonably priced.






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