Gothenburg Resto | Sjöbaren

What excites me most when someone in the family here has a birthday is the dinner at a restaurant where I get to try really good food. May is my mother-in-law’s birth month and since she loves fish, we ate at a fish restaurant called Sjöbaren, in English it means the sea bar.

Location: Located in Haga, one can get off Järntorget or Hagakyrka tram stops and walk towards the restaurant. It is accessible.

Place: Sjöbaren has 2 floors so it can seat a few more compared to Goda Grannar. We were seated in a table that can accommodate 4 people and I think the table is too small. Me and my husband’s elbows were too clingy, they keep touching each other.

Food: Excellent, I had an amazing starter and main dish. The shellfish and fish were fresh and were cooked prefect.

Service: Not good. We waited for maybe 45 minutes after we finished the starters before the main dish was served and that is bad. We were all wondering what happened to the orders but we stayed patient. When we wanted to pay we asked the waiter for the bill and she acknowledged but kept doing other things, we waited for maybe 20 minutes and I asked the other waiter for the bill and in an instant we had it. So I guess the delays were caused by one of the waiters for she also took our orders at the start. Oh well, we were happy with the food, just not the waiting times.

Price: It is fine dining and the food was amazing so I say you get what you paid for and the price is acceptable.



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