Gothenburg | Valhallabadet

I got hooked up to swimming when I was back in my home country and when I moved to Sweden it was one of the things that I missed doing. I am not a good swimmer, in fact it was not until late 2015 that I enrolled myself to a swimming class to learn, but I enjoy the waters and swimming is my happy pill.

There are a few places to swim in Gothenburg city and the most accessible for us is Valhallabadet. The closest tram stop is Scandinavium and after a few meters will be the swimming hall. They have different prices published in their website but we chose the 10 times pass as a way to test.

First time user, first time blooper

After registration, the reception will give you an armband with a sensor that you will use in getting inside the changing rooms, closing and opening the locker and turning on the shower. There are separate rooms for men and women because people get naked inside the changing rooms. No cellphone is allowed and shoes must be taken off. I chose my locker and I have not a single clue how to use it and could not see any instructions within my vision as well. There was a blinking red light inside and I experimented. I tapped my armband and the light stayed solid. I closed the door with my bag inside and I hear it clicked and locked. It was a good sign, I figured how to lock the locker. Now I wanted to change clothes so I can shower and swim but my locker will not open. There is a wifi sign on the locker that should be where the armband must be tapped but it did not work. I tapped, slide my armband for what felt like a hundred times to no avail. I was getting hopeless so I asked one of the women there for help, she tried but it really did not want to work. She said it should just be like that, maybe it is broken. I stood there, taking a deep breath, tried the armband again and voila! The stubborn locker opened. When I finally got my clothes I started looking for a room to change into my swimwear but I could not find any. It was then I realized people change in front of their lockers.

Shower first

Just like any swimming hall everyone is required to take a shower before getting in the swimming pool. The recommendation is to shower without the swimwear probably to wash off dust from the body but I normally just wear it and shower thoroughly. The armband sensor turns on the shower and this I realized quick. There is a white circle close to the shower controls that looked like the one in the armband so I just tapped and water started coming out.

25 meter or 50 meters

There are 2 big pools, one is 25 meters long and the other is 50. We started with 50 but it was like a train of swimmers going back and forth and I can’t keep up with them. I have low stamina and I needed to get used to the water again first so we moved to the 25-meter pool where half is used for training, the other half for people like us who just wants to hang around and the other part is for diving. The pools are deep and since it has been a long time since I swam I panicked (lol). I did mention I am not a good swimmer.

No swimwear here

Sauna is always a good idea after swimming to relax the muscles and feel some heat. I love wet sauna for it doesn’t suck the water out of me and I can relax better than in the dry one. No swimwear is allowed inside the sauna. The first time I had the most awkward feeling because being naked in front of others even when you are of the same gender is not a norm in my home country and I lived for decades there so imagine how I feel! I had to swallow tons of saliva to just wear my skin in a room with people I do not know. On the second visit though I managed to get over the feeling and was able to relax a bit more.

Another Round

We have consumed our 10 times pass and we are getting another set this week! More swimming in the coming weeks that will hopefully build my skills and stamina to transfer to the 50-meter pool.

Jag älskar simning! (I love swimming!)

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