Halland | Fjärås Bräcka + Tjolöholm

‘Staycation’ is probably the perfect term to use every time I stay over my in-laws place for it does feel like a vacation. Both cook restaurant like food, looks good and tastes even better. Jättegott! I sleep as long as I want, I get fika and when the weather is not so bad my father-in-law drives me around the county for me to explore and take photographs. I am their favorite daughter-in-law, they only have one son.

This Easter, I decided to have another staycation since my husband works anyway. Kungsbacka is about 30 minutes train ride from Gothenburg city so it isn’t that far actually. I arrived on a Friday and as always I was greeted with delicious food on the table. This time around, both of them only speak Swedish to me for they assumed that I already have the skills. I was focusing too much and trying to understand what they say.  I have never been too exhausted since I arrived in Sweden but it helped build the confidence!

On Saturday, we drove to Fjärås Bräcka to see if the flowers called Backsippa (Pasque flower) have bloomed yet. Unfortunately they have not. It is maybe because the weather is still cold and not spring like. Close to the area lies the biggest lake in Halland county called Lygnern. This is the largest lake in the Halland Country and serves as source of drinking water for Kungsbacka.


Lygnern lake

This road by the lake is closed for cars.DSCF5935

Ponds of drinking water. The water here is pumped from the lake and filtered with pipes underground. From the ponds the water sinks down through and when the filtering process is done it is then pumped up to the households.


Ponds of drinking water

142 steps down. This was used in the old times by travelling people, there used to be a railway station below the long staircase.


The Kolera Cemetery. Residents of Fjärås who died during an epidemic in 1834 are buried here.


Kolera cemetery

Li grave-field is Halland’s largest grave field.


Li Grave field

After Fjärås, we drove to Tjolöholm to see more of the area other than the castle.


The Tjolöholm church was built in 1903-04. It has been unused for 40 years and was reopened in 1994.


Tjolöholm church

The workers village are filled with red houses, a typical Swedish house in the old times. Today, these are available for rent.


The workers village

A cottage located beside the castle’s former main gates.


Fairy tale cottage – The gate house


The gate

I am missing the red leaves on the wall, they did not survive the winter.


The castle


There were quite a lot of people at Tjolöholm slott because of Easter so after going around we drove back home and guess what was waiting for me? A delicious lunch! #spoileddaugherinlaw



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