Gothenburg | Sculpture Walk

Last weekend I did the statue walk on a foggy, cloudy Saturday and it lasted for 2.5 hours as opposed to the 1.5 in the card. Well I walk slow and I take pictures of other things when I find them interesting. This weekend, with the sun out and the wind blowing, I completed the sculpture walk for almost the same time as the previous even though I took the tram on the way to some sculptures. Do you know why? I got lost. I have no map reading skills.


Here are the 11 sculptures in the minicard with their corresponding information and pictures.

  1.  Brunnen (The well) Mandana Moghaddam
    Address: Brunnsparken (Near: Sodra Hamngatan)
    Unfortunately I could not find this in Brunnsparken anymore. Maybe it is no longer there or I was looking at the wrong place.
  2. Järntorgsbrunnen (The Five Continents) created by Tore Strindberg (1927)
    Address: Järntorget (Near: Olof Palmes Plats)DSCF5830
  3. Masterna. See at night! (The Masts) Erling Torkelsen (1971)
    Address: Masthuggstorget (Near: Andra Långgatan)DSCF5837
  4. Ägget (The Egg) Egon Möller-Nielsen (1951)
    Address: Kungsparken (Near: Nya Allen/Vasaplatsen)DSCF5846
  5. Torgny Segerstedtmonumentet (Obelisk – 1955)
    Address: Vasaplatsen (Near Storgatan)DSCF5840
  6. Non-Violence. Carl Fredrik Reuterswård
    Address: Kungsportsavenyn/EngelbrektsgatanDSCF5855
  7. Incantatio. Roland Boren (1992)
    Address: South/West from Götaplatsen & Museum of ArtDSCF5859
  8. SilverBåge (Silver bow) Pål Svensson (2001)
    Address: Svenska Mässan (Near: Skånegatan)DSCF5862
  9. Mut (M-ooo-t) Roland Anderson (1993)
    Address: Burgårdens utbildningscentrum (Near: Scandinavium)DSCF5869
  10. Kulan i luften (The ball in the air) Jan Wickelgren (1983)
    Address: In front of Nya Ullevi (Stadium)DSCF5871
  11. RymdConfetti (Space Confetti) Pia Hedström (2000)
    Address: Dämmeplatsen (Just over the bridge)DSCF5881

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