Gothenburg Resto | Bangkok Kitchen

It was pay day Friday and my taste buds wanted Asian food for dinner so we used our Enjoy card and headed over to Bangkok Kitchen at Järntorget. Here’s what I think about the restaurant.

Location: Located at Andra Långgatan 21, few minutes walk from Järtorget tram stop. Easy to find for they have a restaurant name flag in front which is hard to miss unless your eyes are closed.

Place: Average size. What caught my attention are the Thailand pictures on the wall. One picture divided into 3, framed and hanged next to each other in the wall. It’s like a puzzle, it is creative and gave me an idea for my pictures when we move to a bigger place.

Food: Good, the only bad thing is I ordered their spicy meal and it was killing my taste buds. Spicy means super spicy for me in this restaurant so unless you really love very spicy food then try the other dishes.

Service: Average service.

Price: Cheap with the discount card, affordable without it.

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