Gothenburg Resto | Goda Grannar

My father in law recently celebrated his 70 something birthday and it has been a tradition to dine out in a higher end restaurant to enjoy a good meal with a matching wine. This time, we booked a table at Goda Grannar, a seafood restaurant.

Here’s my personal review about the restaurant.

Location: Easy to find, we walked by Linnegatan, took a left turn to Majorgatan and another left turn to Sveagatan and there it is. Prinsgatan is the closest tram stop.

Place: Small and cozy. The restaurant can probably seat 30 people or less at a given time. Too bad my mom in law did not notice the step going to the toilet so she tripped and fell to the floor.

Food: Pleasing to the eye especially to the mouth. From starter all the way to dessert my taste buds were constantly happy. The food is excellent!

Service: The waiter was really friendly and accommodating. He speaks English when he explains about what I just ordered and that is good. He thought I have an Australian accent too!

Price: For the quality of food and service, the price is just right.

Starter: Hummerskagen – Lobster and shrimp mixture with bleak roe served on a crispy potato flavoured with anchovys.


Main Menu: Fisk- & skaldjursgryta – Spicy fish and shellfish stew with tomatoes, saffron and pastis comes with crutons, parmesan, aioli.

Fisk- & skaldjursgryta

Dessert: Mjölkchokladmousse – Milk chocolate mousse flavored with ginger and lemon togeter with Cognac cream, popped walnuts and apple jam.

White whine

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