Gothenburg | Enjoy Bonusshopping

If you are at least two people living in Gothenburg or Sweden for that matter and loves to eat out once in a while to try a different kind of cuisine or simply to get a break from home cooked meals then maybe Enjoy Bonusshopping is good for you just as it is for us. I describe this as a booklet or booklets of coupons for a lot of restaurants, cafes, hotels, trips, shops and more. It is an order for 2 pay for 1 kind of thing where you pay for the more expensive meal. It does not include drinks of course but then not having to pay for 1 dish is quite a saving. We paid around 300 kronor for the booklets and in Sweden eating at least thrice using the discounts, you already get the money you paid for because if you are lucky, one dish costs 100 kronor. Part of it also goes to charity so you are really not just getting the discounts but helping in a way at the same time. Quite a good combination don’t you think?

Try a new restaurant in town soon!


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