Gothenburg Resto | Ölstugan Tullen

Why we love Ölstugen Tullen at Kålltorp:

  • They have great food, always. We have been here several times and no matter what dish we order it always satisfies the hunger and makes our stomachs happy.
  • Affordable prices. Probably the most expensive dish they have is 100 kronor and that is cheap in Sweden.
  • Close distance to the apartment. We don’t have to take the tram or bus just to get here, we walk.
  • Friendly staff. My Swedish is bad but they often make me feel that it is not that horrible. They always smile and ask if the food is good or not.
  • Easy menu: They do not have a lot to choose from and sometimes it is good. They can make sure that the food tastes good and I do not have to go through a long list of fancy names.

Cheap, good food just around the corner, our go to restaurant when we feel like eating out and we do not want to spend a lot. Their menu changes weekly, go check out their website if you decide to give the food here a try.


The restaurant


Panerad ost med rostade rotfrukter and tartarsås – Breaded cheese with roasted root fruits and tartar sauce


Fläskarre, champinjonsås, äpplekompott, potatis – Pork tenderloin, mushroom sauce, mashed apple and potatoes

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