Sweden | Stockholm City

The last time I was in Stockholm was during summer of 2013 as a tourist, now I am visiting the capital city on a winter as a resident. Both times with my ex boyfriend turned husband. January is my birthday month and I wanted to spend it outside of Gothenburg, a good excuse to travel actually. We do not want to travel to far so we had 2 options, Denmark or Stockholm and we chose the latter because we have some friends we can meet up in the capital at the same time I wanted to see the Vasa Museum. So to Stockholm we go!

What we did:

We arrived on a Friday afternoon and started walking around the city after we checked in to the hotel. Prior to the trip, I bought myself a tripod because I need something stable to hold my camera for long exposures and so I was bringing it around and well, it was not easy. Extending and collapsing the legs and then doing it over again is so much work but maybe I will get used to this.

Fun fact: We don’t detail out our itinerary, we set a place or 2  to visit and the rest is up to where our feet and eyes take us.

“It is in getting lost that we sometimes see the beautiful unknowns.” – #thegumbschstravel

  1. Explored the city without the sun. Stockholm is beautiful at night just as it is at day.
  2. Visited the Vasa Musuem. I made a separate post about this being the main reason for visiting the capital.
  3. Visited Historiska museum. Entrance is free and it has a cafe inside where we had our Fika after going around. The museum has some rune stones that are interesting to  see.

    4. Walked around Gamla Stan (Old town)

    5. Walked by the Royal Palace and the Birds feeding area.

    6. Walked around and got lost.


Where we stayed:

We stayed at Comfort Hotel Stockholm for 3 reasons:

  1. It is very close to the central station which makes it accessible.
  2. It is affordable for us.
  3. The room rate included buffet breakfast for 2.

Review: We had a little bit of hard time looking for the hotel because there was no visible sign of its name but it is in the World trade center building. The room is small. It could be perfect for 1 person but crowded for 2, then again we will only be sleeping here so we really did not mind. When we checked in, the room smelled like dry urine. I am not sure if it was just the sewer or not cleaned but after taking a shower the smell went away. The buffet breakfast is really good, there were a lot of choices and we loved it.

Where we ate:

The restaurant that stood out during this trip is the Asian restaurant called Arirang. This was recommended to us by our friend Gandhi who works in Stockholm and it was really good. If you want to eat Asian food in the capital city, this will be worth your visit.

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