The 2016 that was!

The monthly highlights that completed my 2016. I am excited 2017!


Welcomed the new year with the L clan back in Tuburan. Gained a few pounds.

I turned 30! Celebrated my birthday with a 2-hour swimming date with myself and then coffee.

I learned to swim! I live in a country made up of islands, I love the beach but I never had the courage to learn to swim until this year.


Residence visa application was approved by the Migration office after almost a year of waiting.


I had a beach trip to Bohol with my friend Jacq.

Visited Kalanggaman Island for the first time with office friends.


My husband arrived for another 3-week stay.


Traveled to Legaspi City to see the Mayon volcano with my husband.


Mayon Volcano

Received an early ‘welcome to Sweden’ gift from my husband.

Traveled to Siquijor Island and fell in love with it.


Coco Grove Resort, Siquijor

Food trip at Dumaguete City.

Traveled to Bangkok, experienced Songkran festival, explored the city and it’s temples, ate a lot of street food.


The reclining buddha


Traveled alone to Bangkok to leave my bio metrics at the Embassy of Sweden. Ate a lot more Thai food this time around. Got lost in the city but had a great time.


Lumpini Park, Bangkok

Traveled to Isla de Gigantes with my sister and her office friends. Enjoyed 3 nights and 2 days in the island with a lot of seafood! Proved to myself that I can really swim!


Cabugao Gamay Island

June –

Traveled to Dumaguete city this time with office friends, walked around the Siliman University, had a taste of the famous tempura ni bossing and had my ‘balut’ experience.

Swam with the turtles in Apo Island. The water was deep, the turtles were huge and I did not have a life jacket on! I had a kick board in case i get too tired of swimming though, safety precaution for a newbie swimmer.


Finding turtles at Apo Island

Enjoyed time away from the city with the L clan in Tuburan. Celebrated the town fiesta with delicious home cooked meal from mom.


Traveled to Bacolod with the family. Visited the ruins in Talisay City and Campuestohan highland resort. Had our coffee and cakes at Calea.


The ruins


Resigned from my work and officially jobless after 9 years.

Second wedding anniversary.

Traveled to Boracay island again with my sisters. It was windy and raining but we had an amazing time.


Station 1, Boracay

Had fun under the sun at Costabella Resort in Mactan with office friends.

Farewell lunches, parties, snacks with friends and family.

Panic shopping and packing before the flight.


Moved to the cold yet beautiful country of Sweden! Played tourist in Gothenburg.


Traveled alone to Kungshamn and Smögen on a hot Autumn day.



Started Swedish language class.

Started bisayainsweden blog!

Celebrated husbands birthday in a fine dining dinner with in-laws.


First snow ever!


Experienced live concert with electronic music by VNV nation.

First black friday.


First Christmas in Sweden with generous gifts from the in-laws and husband.

Developed my photography skills.

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