Schengen Visa | How to answer Questionnaire

“Lately I have been asked by friends about applying for a Schengen visa to Sweden. I did it last July 2013 and had it posted in my old blog site that I deactivated so I thought posting the write up here will hopefully help anyone who needs some form of guidance. This post is old but I hope nothing much has changed and it can be of any help.”

The purpose of my application is to visit my boyfriend in Sweden and the questionnaire below is what came along with the check list I have printed out. This may not be applicable for applications with a different purpose.

Name of Applicant – My name written in this format: LastName, FirstName MiddleInitial

How long have you known the reference person? Since when? – I just answered month and year. Sample: March 2012

How did you meet? – I checked the box “Introduced by friends/relative”

When did you spend time together? Please indicate the date and place. – I just provided the dates and places we have been to together. Include all places as much as possible.  Sample: Bohol Philippines – October 15-17, 2012

Have you been to Schengen area before? – I checked “No” because this is my first time visiting the country.

Have you been married before? -I checked “No” because I have never been.

If YES, is the marriage annulled? – I did not answer this.

Do you have children? – I checked “None”

What is your highest educational attainment? – I checked “College” and indicated my degree.

Do you have a job? – I checked “YES” and provided my length of employment and income per month based on my salary letter.

Do you have any planned side trips? – I checked “YES” and provided the other places we will be visiting but did not include the dates and days since this will be planned after I get my visa.

Signature of applicant – my signature

Place, Date – I wrote Cebu City and the date I filled it up.

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