Residence essentials

A personal number and a national ID card. Both are related of course, the national ID card contains the personal number and other important information of a resident in Sweden.

A few days after the long, sleepless flight from a tropical country to a cold one by the name of Sweden, we went to the tax agency office to get registered and have a personal number. The ‘personnummer’ is a prerequisite to get the national ID card and be enrolled in Swedish for Immigrants course. The same number is critical for government transactions, work, bank and for a lot more. In short, get a personal number if you are a resident.

Getting the number was fast, we only waited for a few minutes to get the form and then we filled it up. The lady in the counter asked for the passport and the residence permit card, had them photocopied and gave us a confirmation letter of the transaction. She, however said it was going to take 8 weeks to get the number and we were a little disappointed upon hearing that, 8 weeks is quite a long time to not be doing anything, but then again there was nothing much that can be done.

After a week or so, I received the mail with my personal number. I was surprised but in a good way. We immediately scheduled a visit to the tax office for my national ID card, first we paid the 400 kronor fee online and printed the receipt and then went to the office. First thing they asked would be, do you have the receipt of the payment? If the answer is No, you just wasted a trip to the tax agency that day. The waiting took a while this time  for there were quite a lot of people. When it was our turn, the lady asked for the personal number email, the residence card and the passport. She realized there is a little difference that will make the national ID card take longer to process than normal. And the difference is? The residence permit does not have my middle name in it but the passport does. Apparently it happens often according to her. My husband co signed a paper that I am who I say I am despite the missing middle name in the residence permit card and it helped alot. I got the card 2 weeks after instead of more.

The tourist feeling has slowly faded… Reality started kicking in.



2 thoughts on “Residence essentials

  1. Guenny says:

    In the US that’s what we call SSN. Hehe. The feeling of being a tourist fades faster than you think. I was the same. Good luck, Joy! Hope I can visit your beautiful country soon.


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