The First Snow

Having been born and raised in a county where the only seasons are wet and dry, mostly dry, I have always wondered how it feels to be snowing. One autumn day I asked Rudolf what falls from the sky when it snows, is it like small solid cotton balls? He smiled and sweetly said; ‘No honey, that is called a hailstorm and we don’t want that. Snowflakes fall from the sky on a normal snowing day.’ And of course he is right! Not only because he should be and has been in Europe his entire life but because I saw it one day after school while waiting for the tram. Little snowflakes on my black coat and I was just happy like a kid in a toy store.

The weekend after the little snow experience we went up to an island called Hamburgö where a friend’s summer house is, to get away from the city and use their sauna room. Saturday night was pretty bad, it was a gray and boring weather plus the wind was blowing. Sunday morning Rudolf checked the weather through the window and I asked, ‘Is it still bad?’ His reply was; we are stucked, check it out. I went out of bed and was greeted by few inches of snow in the ground outside! I hurriedly changed clothes (like it’s going to melt in a minute and disappear) and went outside to walk around. That was my first snow experience! It wasn’t cold, it was beautiful.

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