The Big Move

The big move did not happen right after I received my residence permit card because I did not want to travel alone. Although I did that as a tourist 3 years ago I still feel that I should have company when I leave the Philippines for good. So my husband booked a trip to pick me up from home and drag me to Sweden. While waiting for him and our departure I started working on everything that I need to take care of before starting a new life. I sent my notice of resignation at work which is probably one of the saddest thing I did because I love my job and the people I work with and 6.5 years is not a short time to be in one company but it had to be done. A month after, I was officially unemployed for the first time in 9 years! No salary, no bonuses, no office perks and that scares the independent woman in me. But then, my priorities have changed since I had my ‘I do’ in 2014. While waiting for my husband to pick me up, I made a to do list before I move to my new country of residence:

To Bring:

  1. Important documents – TOR, diploma, passport, residence card, birth certificate, marriage contract. Other documents are sent to my email like my last 3 months of Accenture payslip and BIR 2316.
  2. Wedding album, printed pictures and the rest are in my external hard drive.
  3. Money collection album
  4. Electronic devices and chargers
  5. Clothes and accessories – I did a lot of shopping.

To Do:

  1. Special power of attorney for my last pay check
  2. Update bank information – mainly for my last name and status change
  3. Cut credit card
  4. Register residence permit card at CFO Cebu to get the sticker – very important, impossible to fly without the sticker.

I managed to meet up with my friends and family few weeks before I left and it was heartwarming to know there are people who actually will miss my company.

Fly day in Manila: The immigration officer to do list was – according to me!

  • Checked passport and residence permit
  • Checked for the CFO sticker in the passport
  • Checked the certificate of guidance counseling from CFO

The very long flight went smooth and I only managed to sleep for 3 hours in total which is pretty bad especially when I have always been good at sleeping.

After about 20 hours in transit, I was in my new home, Sweden!


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