The Application

Seven months after getting married we started with the residence permit application to Sweden, this after we thought that it would be best for our future kid/s to be raised here. Child benefits, environment are the biggest factors that led us to the very first step, online application. The migration website just wanted all basic information of me, my family and my husband’s details and his family too. It also asked about how I met my husband, the wedding, when and where it took place plus details of the ceremony as well as the reception. It was easy, just lengthy. I attached my passport copy together with the marriage certificate from the national statistics office (NSO) because it was required. After submitting the form, the application form should be printed out because the copies will have to be brought during the embassy/consulate interview but because I failed to do that, I had to email their customer service and ask for a copy. My bad, so if you are reading this, please don’t forget Ctrl+P after submitting. I then got a case number that i used to check the status on the migration website.

Once the application was submitted, my husband received an email that a family member would like to move to Sweden and that he needed to fill up a form with simple, basic details about the relationship.  Then the waiting game began.

9 months after: I got a message from the migration office that they have reviewed the application and that I should contact the Consulate of Sweden in Manila for an interview in which I did right away. I emailed the consulate and they set the schedule for me which was about a month after.

1 month after: I went to the consulate in Manila for the interview with the printed application, NSO marriage certificate, our pictures, old passport and my husband’s passport copies just to be sure. I was of course earlier than scheduled since I am not a Manila fan traffic, I took a really early flight and went to Makati. I would rather be super early than be late. I had a good chat with the guard in the consulate, he was friendly and gave me a heads up that the interview will last an hour or more. The lady finally asked me to get inside and i went into a room and the interview started and lasted for 30 minutes, she probably felt that the relationship was real so she did not want to waste both our time. She had me sign a paper that my husband can follow up the application on my behalf.

Another month after: My husband received a letter from the migration office that my residence permit have been approved at the same time i received an email that I need to leave my bio metrics in Bangkok.My husband already had booked a flight to the Philippines prior to the decision date so we agreed that we will fly to Bangkok together.

In Bangkok: Welcome to the Songkran festival! Yes, it was a holiday! None of us thought of checking the list of holidays in Thailand and with our luck we were there during the ‘water throwing’ festival and all government offices were closed. Oh, I should mention that our flight was super delayed because of the Manila airport traffic and we were in Thailand at 11PM. Not fun at all! Anyhow we managed to make use of our time by going around. So learn from our mistake, check the holidays before booking.

In Bangkok again: I flew the following month to Bangkok alone and this time the embassy was open so I went there, spent 10 minutes leaving my bio metrics then left home.

2 weeks after: My residence card was sent to Manila for pick up and I knew of this because I emailed the embassy to send the card to Manila and they replied back on when it was going to happen. I then emailed the consulate in Manila to double check and it was there. I did not fly to pick up the card, I had them send it to me via courier. I just deposited 300 pesos  to their account and had my residence card in 3 days.

There you go, took us a while but quite an experience.



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