About the Author

I am a natural born Filipino, half Ilongga half bisaya with a thick curly hair who moved to Gothenburg, Sweden to start a life with my husband. It is quite fun to live in a totally different county and discovering a totally different culture. While I don’t feel like a complete head turner due to race, I still feel a bit uncomfortable because of the language. I am studying Swedish to erase such feeling and so far I think I am doing well. Blogging helps me to not destroy my English skills.

I love discovering new places, taking pictures and writing about my experience. I shoot raw mostly using my Fujifilm X30 which I love and process the pictures in Lightroom. When I don’t have my cam, i use an iPhone 8 which takes equally good pictures but in JPEG format. I own an older GoPro which I normally use to take selfies with my husband. I love capturing memories through pictures and I would love to look back on those memories with the man I love on it.

I love trying out new cuisines so once in a while we go out and eat in a new restaurant and I write about my personal experience, what I think of the location, place, food, service and price. The reviews are totally personal and it may help others or it may not but that is totally up to the readers.

Välkommen till min blogg! (Welcome to my blog!)



I live in Sweden, I speak Bisaya.